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Brand Story
Brand Story

#NamasteIndiaEvents – Who are we?

A premium #multibrand jewellery exhibition organizer, curating and orchestrating extraordinary jewellery showcases, that unite the finest jewellery brands of India, under one roof. With 14+ years of showcases, 150+ top jewellers associated, more than 2 lakh unique visitors, we have established ourselves as leaders in this industry. We take pride in fostering a world class platform, where jewellery brands and designers converge with the enthusiasts.

Our exhibitions include: IJS- India Jewellery Show, Swayamvar – The Premium Jewellery Show, WB – Weddings Bells and TJA – The Jewel Affair (An Exclusive Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery Show).

Since 2009, we have diligently worked with a core thought of providing a superlative platform, to showcase timeless, astonishing and stunning works of art in gold and diamond jewellery from all over India.

Our Vision
Our Vision

“At Namaste India Events, our vision is to significantly enhance our support for the jewelry industry by expanding our presence to numerous cities. Simultaneously, we aspire to create platforms for various other industries through our exhibitions. By 2030, our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading exhibition company, providing platforms for at least five industries on both national and international scales. To achieve this, we are committed to expanding our global footprint for the jewelry industry by 2025.”

Our Shows
Our Shows

IJS-India Jewellery Show and SWAYAMVAR – The Premium Jewellery Show are India’s most Premium Jewellery Exhibition.

IJS-India Jewellery Show and SWAYAMVAR – The Premium Jewellery Show have been leading premium jewellery exhibitions for 14 years, showcasing stunning works of art in gold and diamond jewellery from all over India. With over 150 exhibitors and more than 1,50,000 visitors in 14 years, these shows have become synonymous with excellence and extravagance, attracting the elite class and A-list clientele.

As we step into current year, we carry forward our success stories to our upcoming events. IJS-India Jewellery Show, SWAYAMVAR – The Premium Jewellery Show, continue to be the epitome of elegance and luxury, providing a prestigious platform for renowned jewellers and captivating audiences nationwide.



Wedding Bells by Namaste India is a meticulously curated showcase, offering jewellers an exceptional platform to present their exquisite collections that epitomize elegance. For visitors, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to discover the finest jewellery from premium and exclusive brands, all under one roof.

This event marks a significant milestone for the trade and commerce industry. Participating jewellers can expect a substantial boost in their business, while visitors can look forward to discovering the epitome of jewellery craftsmanship. Wedding Bells by Namaste India is set to redefine the standards of elegance and sophistication in the world of jewellery exhibitions.



Experience the Evolution of Luxury at TJA – THE JEWEL AFFAIR, the World’s First B2C Exclusive Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery Show, redefining opulence for a socially conscious generation. TJA transcends the traditional exhibition format; it’s a visionary platform that embodies the future of the jewellery industry. Showcase your ethically sourced Lab Grown Diamond jewellery to lead the way in reshaping luxury for today’s discerning consumers. Join us and be a part of the evolution towards a more sustainable and responsible future in the jewellery industry.

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